Reza Mohammady Garfamy, PhD

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Papers in Journals

2012, 'Supply Management: A Transaction Cost Economics Framework', South East European Journal of Economics and Business, Vol. 7, No. 2, pp. 139-147 Download

2011, 'The Gnosjo industrial district: a viable corporation', International Journal of Entrepreneurship and Small Business, Vol. 13, No. 2, pp. 220-234 Link Download

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2006, 'A data envelopment analysis approach based on total cost of ownership for supplier selection', The Journal of Enterprise Information Management, Vol. 19, No. 6, pp. 662-678 Link Download


2010, Management Information Systems in Pharmaceuticals: Development Design, Lambert Academic Publishing, Koln Link

2009, Organizational Community, Lambert Academic Publishing, Koln Link

2009, Supplier Selection and Business Process Improvement: An Exploratory Multiple Case Study, Lambert Academic Publishing, Koln Link

2008, Supplier Selection and Business Process Improvement, VDM Verlag Dr. Müller, Saarbrucken Link

Other Papers 

2011, Project Guide: Bachelor of Industrial Management, Semnan University, Semnan Download

2011, Research Paper Writing Guide: Bachelor and Master Degrees, Semnan University, Semnan Download

2011, Internship Guide: Bachelor of Small Business Management, Semnan University, Semnan Download

1998, Energy Management in Automotive Industry: The Case of Iran Kaveh Ind. & Mfg. Co., Power and Water Institute of Technology, Tehran Download

1995, The Evaluation of Return on Legal Partnership and Direct Investment of Iranian Banks, Audit Organization, Tehran Download

1993, Management Information Systems Development Design in Pharmaceutical Industy: The Case of Tehran Chemie Pharmaceutical Co., Islamic Azad University, Tehran Download Download Abstract

1993, Managing the Human Aspects of Information Systems, Islamic Azad University, Tehran Download

Presentations in Scientific Meetings

2017, 'Entrepreneurship', Borough of Manhattan Community College, USA

2015, 'Supplier Selection and Business Process Improvement', Keuka College, USA

2015, 'Why is it important to have a Global Mindset in Management Education?', Rhode Island College, USA

2014, 'Why is it important to have a Global Mindset in Management Education?', University of Wisconsin -Platteville, USA

2013, 'Introduction to Business Analytics', The University of Calgary, Canada

2008, 'Organizational Theory and Strategic Management', Grant MacEwan College, Canada

2005, 'Supplier Selection and Business Process Improvement: An Exploratory Multiple Case Study', 2nd Autonomous University of Barcelona Business Economics Pre-communication Conference, Spain

2005, 'A Data Envelopment Analysis Approach based on Total Cost of Ownership for Supplier Selection', 4th Annual International Business and Economy Conference, USA

1998, 'Energy Management in Automotive Industry: The Case of Iran Kaveh Ind. & Mfg. Co.', Energy Management Conference, Iran

Presentations at Workshops

2010, How to Prepare and Submit Scientific Papers to International Journals, Semnan University, Iran


2007-Present, Supply Chain Management Association of Canada

2003-2004, European Council for Small Business and Entrepreneurship

2001-Present, Alumni Association of Islamic Azad University

1998-1999, Iran Energy Efficiency Organization

1988-1989, Iranian Mathematics Society

1988-1989, Mathematical Association of America


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