Reza Mohammady Garfamy, PhD

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Dynamic entrepreneurial business management specialist with a 20+ year record of achievement and demonstrated success driving organizational growth and development in highly competitive global markets. Adept at making real contribution to improve productivity and performance of organization. Tenacious in building positive working relationships, securing customer loyalty and forging strong relationships with external business partners. Able to work under pressure to achieve and maintain predetermined service levels. Self-motivated and results oriented with a focus on quality. Exceptional leader, mentor and coach. Innovative education facilitator with a devotion to education, teaching and research.


Business Management
Supply Chain Management including Purchasing, Materials Management and Logistics
Industrial Engineering, System and Productivity Management
Quality Assurance and ISO Internal Audit
Energy Management
Human Resources Management and Job Classification
Computer Software including ERP Systems


Persian, Native language
English, Speak fluently and read/write with high proficiency
Spanish, Speak, read and write with basic competence
Catalan, Speak, read and write with basic competence
Arabic, Speak, read and write with basic competence


2011, Recognized as an Exemplary Professor of the Faculty of Economics and Management, Semnan University
1998, Recognized as an Exemplary Researcher, Power and Water Institute of Technology
1991, The First Graduate of the Faculty of Mathematics and Computer, Amirkabir University of Technology
1985, District Highschools Basketball Champion, Tehran District 9 Administration of Education

Teaching and Research Philosophy

One of the reasons I decided to pursue an academic career is my desire to learn and discover new things as well as to pass on some of what I have learned. I find teaching is both very exciting and helpful for a researcher. There is no better way to gain a better understanding of something than by teaching it. One has to be clear and structured in order to be comfortable enough with the subject to be able to pass on the knowledge to students. Teaching is a perfect opportunity to take a theory, present it to and study it with students and the resulting clarification it creates is not only great for the students but is also beneficial and exciting for the teacher.
For me, teaching serves two functions. First, it develops the next generation of citizens, leaders and researchers. Second, it compliments my own research interests. My specific teaching interests follow my research interests and naturally, one informs the other. I am able to profess core and newly acquired knowledge to students and to learn from them in the process. I believe the students should be given just enough structure to feel competent and then guided to thrive independently. This level of structure varies according to the level of education and interests as well as the topic area being addressed.
Although I believe that teaching and research are inextricably intertwined in every academic discipline, it is particularly evident in the field of Business Management. For the past years with several universities and industries, my accumulated work essentially spanned the entire domain of Business Management. My core teaching and research interests center on theory, research and methods related to Business Management. At both undergraduate and graduate levels, my teaching and current research interests focus on:

Entrepreneurship and SMEs Management
Supply Chain Management
International Business
Operations Management
Business Process Management
Performance and Productivity Management
Human Resource Management
Information Technology and Systems
Management Mathematics

My research interests belong to several fields to which I have been exposed during my studies and research works. In general, I am very interested in performing research in the majority of Business Management and related areas. With my many years of experience in applied research of different industries, I am also interested in applying my experience and insight in an integrated and cohesive manner to the emerging areas of Business Management research.

Statement of Multicultural Experience and/or Practice

Student body in any school includes students of diverse in social class, gender identity and expression, sexual orientation, age, ability, religious background, national and geographical origin, and language and culture. Providing an equitable environment that supports the learning and success of all students is therefore essential. Diversifying the curriculum and preparing all students to work effectively with diverse peers as well as learning more about cultures other than our own by attending community events, cultural festivals, lectures, workshops, and expanding our socialization network will have a positive impact on the quality of all students? educational experience.
Over last three decades, I have been exposed to different subcultures inside my home country and different cultures across the world. For instance, when I was studying in the bachelor and master degrees, my professors and classmates belonged to many provinces and thus, having several subcultures inside the country. During my study in the European Doctoral Program in Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management in Spain and Sweden, I got familiar with different cultures as my professors and classmates were all from different countries with different cultures.
Additionally, with the roles as Foreign Purchasing Expert (Saipa Diesel Co.), Senior Buyer (Olds College) and Subcontracts Administration Assistant (TR Canada Inc.), I was involved with purchasing goods and services from foreign countries and with contracting out construction projects to many international corporations.
Further, after relocating in Canada in 2005, I have been living and working with Canadians from different provinces and/or territories from coast to coast having different subcultures as well as immigrants from many countries having with different cultures.